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2023 Annual Gala

It would be a pleasure for you to join us at our 11th annual gala taking place on November 10th, 2023 at Waukesha's Historic Courthouse. With our casino night theme, you are sure to enjoy yourself while helping raise money for our students' lessons and adventures!


As a nonprofit, WILC relies on community support to fund it's mission. Please take a look at our current projects we are fundraising for!

Sensory Integration Overhaul-
Creating two immersive sensory rooms

As adults, it is important to be able to maintain agency in decision making and initiating one's wants and needs. This independence skill can be especially challenging for our students when in the workforce and while living independently. Our students challenge themselves every day at WILC through social interactions, goal building, sensory processing and much more. We would like to be able to give the students a sensory integration space that will allow each of them to regulate themselves during their down time or during dysregulation as needed. Having a designated space with productive tools will give the students this opportunity to build more independence in initiating when they need breaks and what they can do for their break. 

Vocational Evolution-
Finish and furnish a vocational department at WILC

As a DVR vendor, WILC helps students learn about their vocational interests, gain and maintain meaningful employment experiences, as well as provides job coaching long term. We are looking to finish the warehouse in the building to create a specific vocational space where students can prioritize prevocational training, vocational discussions and lessons. In order to make this happen, we need to not only finish the space for functionality, but we will need to furnish the department with training related furniture such as (not limited to) a large tote organizing system for donation sorting.


Bigger, Better, Stronger!

WILC has been around for over ten years now, can you believe it?! We have become fluid and successful in providing the students with the best possible experiences through our Autism specific curriculum, our community partnerships, and our employment acquisition. What is our next step?

Legacy Giving

One way to help WILC continue to fundraise for our students success is through legacy giving. Please click the link to find out more about how this works!

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